Quick and Easy Ideas For Refreshing Your Play Space

A playroom should be a special place where a child can create, imagine and play. Decorating a playroom can be incredibly fun - it gives you a chance to embrace your inner child. Sometimes a play room can feel no longer age appropriate or simply stale, but doesn't need an extreme makeover.

Paint Accent Wall or Add Wall Decals

Adding accent wall or wall decals can be wonderful for a playroom. When picking out paint colors, consider the size of the room, the amount of natural and artificial light it receives and the paint finish. Try using the designer's rule of 60/30/10, with the walls providing 60 percent of the color, the flooring providing 30 percent and the accessories 10 percent.

You can easily create a themed decor using wall decals. Mushrooms, flowers, houses, clouds, letters. The idea here is to create a more imaginative space.

Montessori Playroom Wall Decals Toddler BedroomSource: @stepbraland

Rethink Your Space

See the space through their eyes. Get down to the child's height to see how it looks from their perspective. We may see wires, or other clutter under the shelves, or bed, and it may feel overwhelming.

Keep in mind the age of your kids, any needs, interests, hopes or goals for the new space.

  • Rearrange furniture to create a layout that is practical and accessible to the child
  • Open shelves and seating should be out of the way to leave the center of the room free for creative play
  • Buy multifunctional furniture or get rid of some furniture to create space for play and movement
  • Child-sized. Find pieces of furniture that the child can manage without help

Create a Cozy Reading Nook 

It is great to include a calming corner for reading or resting. 

You can make it simple with a cozy floor mat, cushions or beanbag. Other options could be a Teepee or if you already own a Pikler Triangle, you can simply add a blanket on top to cover it and make it extra cozy. Have a book basket nearby for the child to easily see the cover of the books. Near the window gives lovely light to read by.
Montessori playroom reading nookSource: @floseb_mama

Display Artwork, Educational Prints or Other Crafts

Art is one of the many ways children express themselves. Ask your child if they want to pick out any of their artwork or other art. Educational prints can enhance a learning space and it can be a fun way to display your child's interests whether it's an alphabet, periodic table or different shapes.

    Less is More

    Getting rid of clutter does not mean that the play room should be with no character. We can place plants, artwork, blankets and cushions at the child's height. Add carpet for extra warmth.

    • Reduce the number of toys, books, and general mess that accumulates over time in a play room. 
    • Keep out things that the child is using a lot. Other things you can be placed in bins by category to be rotated and reintroduced when our child needs a new challenge. 

    Store and Organize Toys

    It’s important to have lots of storage space in the playroom. Kids need to be able to organize their toys after they’re finished playing with them. When thinking about storage here are few things to consider:

    • Use bins or boxes with no lid to store toys by category. 
    • Try not to stack bins or boxes. The idea is that the child has an easy access to their toys, but can also help with organizing when finished with play.
    • Rotate toys for creativity and focus

    Montessori Storage Low Shelf Unit Montessori Playroom Source: @floseb_mama