The Ultimate Guide: How to Use the Pikler Triangle

A wide, wooden triangle with rungs sits in the middle of the playroom. What is it? It’s a wooden climbing toy perfect for young children ages 6 months to 6 years old. So, how do you use a Pikler triangle? And which is the best Pikler triangle for your home? Learn everything you need to know about the Pikler triangle and how to use it below:

Pikler Triangle Basics: What is it?

If you’re wondering, “What is a Pikler triangle?”, we’ve got you covered. The Pikler triangle is a wooden frame in the shape of a triangle. It has a wide base with rungs spaced out for grabbing and climbing. 

The Pikler triangle was developed by a Hungarian pediatrician named Emmi Pikler. She came up with the design in the 1930s, which has been largely unchanged until this day. The Pikler triangle was designed to help babies and young children develop gross motor skills such as standing, walking, and climbing. 

How to Use the Pikler Triangle

Using the Pikler triangle is straightforward. Place the Pikler triangle on a stable surface. Then, invite your child to explore the wooden climbing toy. Always make sure to supervise your child when they’re using the triangle. 

Pikler triangle and montessori wooden toys

How to Use the Pikler Triangle with a 6-month to 1-year old

The Pikler triangle provides great support for very young children who are learning to crawl, pull themselves up, and even walk! It’s one of the best baby climbing toys. You can encourage your child to reach up and grab a rung of the Pikler triangle. One thing you can try is to draw their attention to the wooden climbing toy by shaking a rattle nearby. 

Babies are already learning to copy and mimic you. So, you can also demonstrate grabbing the rungs and standing beside the triangle. Or, simply allow them to explore the Pikler in their own time. 

What can you expect a child this age to do with the Pikler triangle?

  • Build upper body and grip strength by grabbing onto the rungs
  • Begin pulling themselves up into a standing position using the rungs
  • Take a few steps, using the Pikler triangle as a safe support

For very young children, you may consider using a mat underneath the triangle. This can help soften bumps as they work on building gross motor skills.

toddlers playing on the pikler triangle

How to Use the Pikler Triangle with a Toddler

Once toddlers can walk independently, they still have lots of gross motor skills to develop. Toddlers are climbing machines! They can develop coordination and balance, and build strength by climbing up and over the Pikler triangle. 

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As they grow more confident, children can use supplemental parts. Many Pikler triangle sets come with a rock climbing board or slide. Toddlers can begin to use this accessory as an extra challenge. 

How to Use the Pikler Triangle with an Older Child

Older children can use the Pikler triangle for climbing, sliding, and even imaginative play. In addition to playing actively with the Pikler triangle, children can turn it into a tent by putting a blanket overtop of it. Or, children can race cars down the slide.  The Pikler triangle is also a great element to add to obstacle courses. Have children climb over the triangle, or ask them to crawl under it as part of a fun, active indoor game.  

The Best Pikler Triangle

Which is the best Pikler triangle? The best Pikler triangle is sturdy and made of safe materials. Babies and toddlers may want to chew on the rungs, which means you’ll want to ensure the materials are non-toxic. Also, make sure to buy from a well-established seller. Poor craftsmanship with wood can mean your child might be at risk for getting a splinter. 

Our Pikler Triangle Set is thoughtfully crafted with pine and birch plywood and meets the Children's Product Certificate (CPC) in accordance with ASTM F963 and California Prop 65 Standards and Regulations. All materials are non-toxic. Plus, it comes with a reversible rock wall and slide ramp accessory. Our Pikler triangle is also very sturdy, ideal for handling up to 132 pounds.

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Are you ready to give your child the best wooden climbing toy? Our 5-star review average speaks for itself. There’s no better Pikler Triangle Set. If you’re still considering which wooden toy to purchase, check out some other best gifts for toddlers here