Why Montessori?

A Simple Approach To Educating and Raising Children

In contrast to the hustle and bustle of much of mainstream society, the Montessori approach to educating and raising children emphasizes simplicity and setting children up to be able to learn things on their own through their own explorations.

If this sounds hopelessly boring, trust me–it’s not. It’s a surprisingly liberating philosophy. And children love it.

Real Toys

You won’t find much plastic in a Montessori classroom.

That’s because the Montessori method emphasizes natural materials that are healthy, safe and innately enjoyable for children.

Imaginative Play

Kids can play this balance board with their imagination. Open-ended play offers limitless opportunities and freedom to discover and create and gives the adult insight into children’s thinking. This type of play allows children to have no fear of doing it wrong, since there is no correct method or outcome. It’s all about free and fun play.

Not too many

A cluttered environment can confuse a child. Too many options leads to overwhelm.

So, instead, the key is to have just a few well-chosen toys that the child can use in order to learn new skills and explore the world in a spirit of adventure.

I’ve entered the homes of friends with children and noticed a deluge of toys pouring out all over the place creating a plasticky mess. Just entering these cluttered spaces induces a headache.

On the other hand, if you have only a few simple, elegant and natural toys available for the child to enjoy, the effect is similar to being outside at a beautiful park or walking in a pristine forest. You can breathe. You can think. And you can enjoy the spontaneous flow of energy that exists in each moment.

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