All Piccalio’s products are handbuilt using the highest quality of solid wood - a heavier, denser wood that is naturally strong enough to withstand a lifetime of energetic play.

Piccalio’s products should not be exposed to rain or wet conditions as wood is susceptible to damage caused by exposure to rain or wetness. Store in a dry and cool place to ensure quality and lasting use. To clean - take slightly damp cloth and wipe the surface to clean any dirt.

    Please read the following to ensure safe use:

    • Make sure your child always uses the products under adult supervision.

    • Never wear socks or smooth shoes. Bare feet, shoes or socks with silicone grip at the bottom that aren’t slippery prevent accidents.

    • Always use the products on a flat and level surface.

    • For safety reasons, we recommend that you use a mat, carpet or rug underneath the products to avoid the danger of slipping and protect the product and your flooring.