Our Black Friday Plans

Our philosophy

Have you ever wondered when we will be having our next big sale? You're not alone. We get asked this question all the time. Read below to learn why we won't be joining holiday sale trend.

⋆ Fair prices, year-round

Have you ever wanted to buy a product for a while, and finally pulled a trigger only to realize a day later that the product you got is now half-price off? We all have been there. Whether you want to purchase our products in February or December, we try our best to keep prices consistent year-round and be fair to all our customers. 

⋆ Sustainable inventory 

We produce limited quantities of our products and we make more only if you tell us to. Furniture and children's toy industry has many problems and over-production is definitely one of them. We try our best to practice sustainable inventory strategy, which means inventory is produced as needed and there is no excess to be later discounted. 

⋆ Commitment to high-quality materials

We strive to make all of our products from best, highest quality materials. All of our products are using FSC certified wood. This environmental and social certification comes from the Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC, a global organization that certifies forests based on rigorous standards of responsible forest management.

⋆ Exceptions

We are not perfect. In some rare occasions, we are just optimistic and hopeful which can lead us to unrealistic goals. When that happens, we may have to offer a discount on selected items. Hopefully this doesn't happen as it's against what we believe.