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Article: Top 8 Best Baby Bassinets for Easy Nights and Naps

best baby bassinet, best bassinet for baby

Top 8 Best Baby Bassinets for Easy Nights and Naps

Find the Best Bassinet for Your Baby So You Can Both Get More Sleep

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A safe, secure space to sleep is a fundamental need for infants. Where will your newborn sleep? One popular option is a bassinet. The best bassinet for your baby provides a comfortable sleeping space, while also offering versatility.

Finding a safe, well-constructed bassinet that functions well isn't easy. We have narrowed down the list to offer you insights on our favorite bassinets for babies. Plus, we'll provide some tips and tricks for using bassinets that can help you all get more sleep.

What Is a Bassinet?

A bassinet is similar to a crib, but smaller. Bassinets are typically about 33 inches long and 18 inches wide. However, each bassinet is unique and has different dimensions. Bassinets also come in a variety of shapes ranging from the traditional oval to rectangles.

Today, there are many types of bassinets. Smart bassinets respond to your baby with movement, white noise, and other features. Other bassinets known as "co-sleepers" or "bedside" bassinets act as an extension of your bed. It allows you to be within arm's reach while also providing your baby with their own space.

Other variations in bassinets can also help your baby sleep better. Some come with wheels, making the bassinet easier to move around. Others may include a rocking stand for soothing movement.

Because of their smaller size, bassinets are typically best for infants from birth to about six months of age. However, each bassinet has its own weight and size limitations. After that point, it's best to have your baby sleep in a crib, toddler bed, or another safe sleeping surface.

Our Favorite 8 Best Baby Bassinets

Today's selection of bassinets for babies is extensive. We've narrowed down the list to feature eight of the best baby bassinets on the market.

1. Best Smart Baby Bassinet: Snoo Smart Sleeper - $1695.00

best baby bassinet, best bassinet for baby

Would you like your infant to sleep an extra 1 to 2 hours each night? Any new parent would be happy with more uninterrupted sleep. That's the Snoo's specialty.  This smart bassinet can help both parents and babies catch more zzzs.

Named one of Time's Best Inventions of 2023, the Snoo has also received a De Novo authorization from the FDA. Developed by Dr. Harvey Karp, a pediatrician and author, the Snoo features a sleep sack. It keeps your baby safely on their back while also comforting them in a swaddle.

This smart bassinet helps your baby fall asleep with gentle rocking. It also activates automatically in the middle of the night if your baby wakes up crying. The Snoo calms your baby with white noise and jiggling.

Weight Limit: 25 pounds

2. Best Baby Bassinet as a Longterm Investment: Aristot Bassinet and Base - Starting from $1100

best baby bassinet, best bassinet for baby

The Aristot Bassinet is a gorgeous bed for your baby. However, it won't be obsolete after your baby grows up. Afterward, you can turn your bassinet into a coffee table or ottoman.

Soft and luxurious, the bassinet is upholstered and comes in many designs. The bassinet also meets strict international safety standards. You can choose from three different bases, including one that rocks, a pedestal base, and an ornate curule base.

Weight Limit: 18 pounds

3. Best Rocker Baby Bassinet: Monte Design Rockwell Bassinet - $595

best baby bassinet, best bassinet for baby

This rocking bassinet offers a soft cocoon for your sleeping baby. Greenguard Gold Certified, you can rest assured this bassinet contributes to good indoor air quality. Machine washable fabric covers the bassinet. Additionally, the bassinet comes with two GOTS-certified fitted sheets.

Ideal for any room in the house, this bassinet provides a safe spot for your sleeping baby. You can even have baby sleep in your room. From your bed, you can gently rock the bassinet using just one arm.

Weight Limit: 18 pounds

4. Best Budget Smart Bassinet: 4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet - $449.99

best baby bassinet, best bassinet for baby

This smart bassinet delivers hands-free movement without breaking the bank. Soothe your baby with 5 different motions, 5 speeds, and 4 white noise sounds. The mesh sides make it easy to view your baby from your own bed.

Weight Limit: 25 pounds

5. Best Lightweight Bassinet: BabyBjorn Baby Cradle - $349.99

best baby bassinet, best bassinet for baby

Weighing just 13 pounds, the BabyBjorn bassinet is truly lightweight and easy to move around the house. This is ideal for the infant stage when you want to be able to keep an eye on baby wherever you are. Put the bassinet in the kitchen, living room, or your bedroom, and watch your baby sleep peacefully.

You can rock the BabyBjorn Baby Cradle to help your little one fall asleep. Plus, you can purchase helpful accessories such as a mosquito net. This bassinet also folds up, meaning you can take it with you on trips or over to grandma's house.

Weight Limit: 17.5 pounds

6. The Best Baby Bassinet for Bed: HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper 3.0 - $299.99

best baby bassinet, best bassinet for baby

Sleep closer to your baby than ever with HALO's Swivel Sleeper. This bassinet can swivel right over your bed so that you can sleep right beside your baby safely. Additionally, you can lower one of the walls, making it easy to get your baby out of the bassinet for night feeds. Then, return your baby

This bassinet also soothes baby with sounds and vibrations that you can control with buttons. Remove the bassinet basket from the base and enjoy a safe sleeping space anywhere in your home. That makes it easy to set up a sleeping spot for baby wherever you are.

Weight Limit: 20 pounds

7. Best Foldable Bassinet: Maxi Cosi Iora Bedside Bassinet - $269.00

best baby bassinet, best bassinet for baby

Your baby will sleep soundly in this comfortable bassinet. Situate this bassinet right next to your bed using the various slide positions. You can also protect your back by adjusting the height of the bassinet. Plus, you can stash toys, extra diapers, and other essentials in the storage basket underneath the bassinet.

The Maxi Cosi bassinet folds flat for easy transportation and storage. A travel bag keeps everything together, making it easy to take the bassinet on the road. That way, your baby can sleep in a comfortable bed wherever you go.

Weight Limit: 20 pounds

8. Best Bedside Bassinet: Papablic Inc. 4-in-1 Baby Bassinet with Playard Extension - $209.99

best baby bassinet, best bassinet for baby

Enjoy a bassinet, play yard, rocking cradle, and bedside bassinet all in one. Rock your little one using the cradle mode. Or, sleep right next to your baby while still providing them with their own sleep space using the bedside mode. Making night feedings and wakings easy, the bedside mode is especially ideal during the first few weeks of your baby's life.

As your baby grows, you can convert that Papablic bassinet into a small playpen. Allow your baby to safely enjoy tummy time and crawl within a safely enclosed area.

Weight Limit: 33 pounds

Tips for Using a Bassinet

Using a bassinet is similar to using a crib. No matter where you put your baby to sleep, it's important to follow safe sleep guidelines. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends always putting your baby to sleep on their back. Don't add any stuffed animals or blankets to the bassinet to reduce the risk of SIDs.

Room sharing is also a good practice supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics. A bassinet can often fit easily into your bedroom, making it the ideal sleeping space for your baby.

Keep in mind that most bassinets are designed for babies from birth to about 6 months of age. When your baby can roll over in their sleep, most experts agree it's time to switch to a crib or another safe sleeping option.

When choosing a bassinet, be sure to check the dimensions and weight limit. The smaller the bassinet, the sooner your baby may outgrow it. That said, it also depends on other safety factors such as when your baby learns to roll over.

How to Get Baby to Sleep in Bassinet

Getting your baby to sleep in a bassinet is often easy. Try laying your baby down while they are drowsy but still awake. Remember to always lay your baby down on their back.  Then, you can gently rock the bassinet if you choose a rocking type. Or, you can turn on your smart bassinet and allow the bassinet to do the work for you!

best baby bassinet, best bassinet for baby

What to Do if Baby Won't Sleep in Bassinet

Getting your baby to sleep isn't always easy. Even in the fanciest bassinet, your baby may simply want to sleep in your arms. What can you do about it? Here are a few tips you can try:

  • Swaddle. Swaddling during the first few months can help your baby sleep better. Swaddling means wrapping your baby tightly in a thin blanket. You can also try swaddle sacks. This way, your baby can't wake themselves up with their startle reflex. Many babies also find swaddles comforting as they mimic the tight space of the womb.
  • Meet Needs. When in doubt, be sure your baby has a clean diaper and isn't hungry. Meeting your baby's needs can help them sleep better.
  • Use a Routine. Try creating and using a bedtime routine. Some elements to include are a bath, a lullaby, turning the lights down, and using a white noise machine. When you repeat the routine over and over again at the same time, your baby will grow accustomed to it. Over time, it can help your baby sleep.
  • Double-check the temperature. Remember, your baby is likely comfortable with one more layer than you have on. Use a sleep sack or a safe swaddle to keep your baby warm if the room is cool.

If your baby struggles with sleeping, you may also want to check with your pediatrician. Conditions like acid reflux and other concerns can make your baby uncomfortable and make it hard for them to sleep.

Crib or Bassinet: What's Best for Your Family?

Which is the right choice? A bassinet or crib? That depends on your family. A bassinet is often the best choice if you plan to room share with your baby.

Bassinets are small, meaning they fit easily in your room or other areas of the house. Many bassinets are also portable. This is especially helpful during the infant stage when your baby sleeps a lot. That way, you can keep them near you. When your baby grows out of their bassinet, you can transfer them to a crib or floor bed.

A crib is a great choice if you'd prefer your baby to sleep in a nursery. In many cases, you can use a crib until your baby is 2 years old and beyond.

The Best Bassinet for Your Baby

Finding the best sleeping space for your baby is an important step for your family. We hope you find this list of best bassinets helpful. Tell us about your experience with bassinets below!


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