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Article: Top 7 Best Baby Bathtubs of 2024 for a Happy Bathtime

best baby bathtub, bathtub for baby

Top 7 Best Baby Bathtubs of 2024 for a Happy Bathtime

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Bathing a newborn can be stressful. As a mom of three, I know that having a great baby bathtub can make or break bathtime. Sometimes, your baby loves the bath, but other times, they scream, slippery and helpless throughout the ordeal. The best baby bathtub facilitates the process so it's as quick and comfortable as possible.

Many factors influence the quality of a bathtub. You'll need to consider how well it supports the baby to water temperature sensors, safety and comfort, and more. We took the mystery out of the process and selected the best bathtubs for your baby. These products will last from the newborn stage through 12 months or more.

Top 7 Best Baby Bathtubs

Discover seven bathtubs for babies you can choose with confidence.

1. Stokke Flexi Bath® - $79

best baby bathtub, bathtub for baby

Finally, a real bathtub for babies that is both practical and comfortable. This baby bathtub provides a safe and comfortable space for your baby to enjoy the water. Featuring a non-slip surface and newborn support insert, this bathtub keeps your baby from sliding around the tub. Plus, it features a temperature-sensitive drain plug that alerts you if the water is too hot.

The Flexi Bath grows with your baby. Once your little one can sit unassisted, you can remove the newborn insert, and your baby can sit and splash in the bath.

Do you want to know the best feature this bathtub offers? It folds up after bathtime. That means you won't have to struggle with storing a bulky bathtub. It also means you can easily take the bathtub with you to grandma's house or on trips.

Add on the Flexi Bath stand when your baby is an infant to make bathtime even more comfortable for you. That way, you can sit while bathing your baby instead of breaking your back while kneeling over the tub.

2. Contours Oasis 2-in-1 Comfort Cushion Baby Bathtub - $69.99

best baby bathtub, bathtub for baby

Bath your infant with a soft, comfortable cushion nestled in a shallow tub. The bath seat is perfect for holding your baby in a safer, upright position. For your older baby, simply remove the bath seat, and your baby can sit up and play in the water.

The Contours Oasis baby bathtub and cushion are easy to clean. The mesh-lined cushion dries quickly and features a loop that makes it easy to hang dry.

3. Lalo The Bath Tub - $68

best baby bathtub, bathtub for baby

Meet the bathtub that will serve your baby well into childhood. The two-piece tub features an infant insert with a soft, foam backrest that keeps your baby in a safe, seated position. When your baby is older, simply remove the infant insert and use the toddler tub basin.

Both pieces have an easy-to-use drain. Simply place the tub in your bathtub for a hassle-free bath. After your child outgrows the bath, you can use the basin for sensory activities or even storing toys.

4. Blooming Bath Lotus - $39.99

best baby bathtub, bathtub for baby

Discover the convenience of bathing your baby in the kitchen sink with the Blooming Bath Lotus. The soft, flower-shaped bath seat helps you position your baby comfortably in the sink. The bath mat holds the warm water, keeping your baby at the ideal temperatures.

After you've changed your baby, simply wring out the Bath Lotus and hang it to dry. Or, throw it in the dryer for 10-15 minutes.

The Blooming Bath Lotus is best for infants. Once your baby is ready to use the big tub, they can sit on it for a softer, more comfortable experience.

5. Munchkin® Sit & Soak™ - $31.99

best baby bathtub, bathtub for baby

Compact and practical, the Sit & Soak easily fits in your kitchen or bathroom sink. The tub supports babies from infancy through 12 months. In this position, your baby can safely enjoy splashing. Because the tub is small and deep, your baby can safely sit in nice warm water up to their chest.

The tub features a pull drain to empty the water for easy cleaning. Plus, there's a handle you can use to hang the tub when not in use.

6. Frida Soft Sink Baby Bath - $29.99

best baby bathtub, bathtub for baby

Turn your sink into the ideal baby bath with Frida's soft cushion. Like a cradle, the foldable tub provides comforting support at bath time. After the bath, hang the tub up to dry. Then, you can fold up the Soft Sink Baby Bath for storage or pack it up for trips.

7. Summer Infant Clean Rinse™ Baby Bather - $29.99

best baby bathtub, bathtub for baby

Sit your baby in the sink, tub, or on the counter in the Baby Bather. To use it on the counter, simply position the edge of the bather over the sink. That way, the water will run into the sink.

This is ideal, especially when your newborn's umbilical stump is still attached. That way, you can give your baby a sponge bath, covering the rest of your baby with a warm towel.

The Baby Bather also has several recline positions. Adjust the seat so that your baby can sit more upright as they grow.

Tips for Bathing Your Baby

Bathing your baby is important to keep them clean, and comfortable. It can also be a fun, enjoyable experience. To avoid any accidents and ensure your baby's safety, it's important to plan well for bath time.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) encourages parents to use a baby bathtub. This helps avoid accidental drownings, as it keeps your baby's head and face above the water. Even so, it's important to always stay with your baby throughout the bath and never leave them unsupervised.

Here are some additional tips for bathing your baby:

  • Gather everything you need such as a towel, washcloth, mild soap, etc. ahead of time.
  • Avoid running water directly from the faucet onto your baby. This can cause scalding if the water is too hot. Instead, run water into the tub or sink and test the temperature ahead of time. It should be warm, not hot.
  • Use a plastic bowl or cup to pour water over your baby. You can fill a basin with warm water ahead of time and pour that over your body. Or, get water from the tap in the cup and test the temperature before pouring it over your baby.
  • Your baby might cry or become upset if they're too cold. Try to keep your baby warm by pouring warm water over them. You can also put a washcloth on their chest to cover them up a bit.
  • If you're bathing your baby in the sink, be careful to keep faucets out of the way so your baby doesn't bump their head.
  • As your baby grows, be sure that nothing dangerous is within reach during bathtime. Keep razors, shampoo, and other items where baby can't grab them.

Baby Bathtub FAQs

 best baby bathtub, bathtub for baby

Still have questions about baby bathtubs? Find the answers in these commonly asked questions.

Are bathtubs safe for babies?

Yes, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that caregivers bathe babies in a bathtub for babies. This can help minimize the risk of drowning by positioning your baby's head above the water level.

What are the different types of baby bathtubs?

Bathtubs for babies come in many sizes and shapes. The main types include traditional bathtubs, foldable bathtubs, and bath seats. Traditional bathtubs include a basin and typically position your baby in a reclined position. Foldable bathtubs may fit in a sink or may also serve as a traditional bathtub.

Bath seats are typically for use in a sink or larger bathtub. This gives you some flexibility about where you use the seat, as you can use it in the kitchen or bathroom.

What size are baby tubs?

Baby tubs come in all sizes. The Contours bath is the largest on our list, measuring 29 inches long by 16.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches deep. The Munchkin Sit and Soak tub is deeper, but the basin is shorter so that your baby sits more upright. Yet others are smaller, making them ideal for sink baths.

How much does a baby bathtub cost?

Baby bathtubs are available at a variety of price points. From a budget-friendly $30 bathtub to hundred-dollar models, there are many options. Remember to consider the cost alongside quality and how long you'll be using the tub when you make your decision.

Choosing the Best Baby Bathtub for You

The best baby bathtub depends on your needs, your home, your budget, and more. When shopping, look at the dimensions of the tub to see if it will be a good fit for your bathtub or kitchen sink.

Also, consider where you'd best like to bathe your baby. The kitchen can be a nice option, however, as the kitchen is often a bigger room it may be draftier than the bathroom.

Pregnancy and birth can make it hard to kneel.  Even if you only use a baby bath seat or tub that fits well in a sink for the first few months, it can save you a lot of back pain. It's also easier to safely pick up your baby from the tub in a standing position.

As your baby grows, they will enjoy being able to splash in the water. Having an actual tub that holds water can help improve that experience by making it safer for your baby.

Make Bath Time Fun with a Quality Baby Bathtub

The right baby bathtub can help eliminate the stress of bathtime and make it a fun, enjoyable experience. Which of these baby bathtubs will you choose? Tell us about your favorite bathtub and your bathtime routine below.


1. The American Academy of Pediatrics

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