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Article: Baby's Only Formula Review: Affordable and Organic

Baby's Only Formula, Baby's Only Formula review, Baby's Only organic formula

Baby's Only Formula Review: Affordable and Organic

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Bleary-eyed, in the middle of the night is the last time you want to go through a ceremony to mix your baby's formula. Baby's Only is not only easy to mix, but also provides excellent nutrition for your little one.

We love that Baby's Only formula offers the nutrition your baby needs without unnecessary fillers. Baby's Only is also one of the most affordable organic formulas on the market. Here's why we, and so many parents, love this brand.

Baby's Only Organic Formula: The Basics

is organic formula better for babies? Baby's Only formula review

Baby's Only mimics breast milk and includes high quality milk proteins and organic ingredients. Additionally, Baby's Only is manufactured in the United States, offering excellent transparency to consumers.

Baby's Only infant formulas are organically produced. Plus, these formulas follow recommendations from the latest research to offer a high quality product. Some of the main features include:

  • No Corn Syrup: Baby's Only infant formulas use lactose as a carbohydrate source. Lactose is also the top carbohydrate in breast milk. Corn syrup is a popular ingredient in formulas. However, research shows that this ingredient increases the baby's risk for obesity.
  • No Palm Oil: Palm oil is commonly found in many formulas. While fatty acids are an important ingredient in formula, palm oil may have negative effects. Studies show that palm oil may diminish babies' ability to absorb calcium and fat. Baby's Only formulas feature healthy sources of fats including organic sunflower oil and organic soybean oil.
  • High-Quality Proteins: Protein is an essential ingredient in baby formulas. The two main proteins are whey and casein. Baby's Only uses a 60% whey and 40% casein protein ratio which is similar to mature breast milk.

    Additionally, Baby's Only was the winner of the Clean Label Project Purity Award and is USDA Certified Organic. You won't find harmful ingredients like growth hormones, GMOs, or artificial dyes and colors in Baby's Only formulas.

    Baby's Only also produces toddler formulas such as their plant-based pea protein toddler drink and goat milk toddler drink. These are great supplemental options for toddlers who have trouble digesting cow's milk.

    Baby’s Only Organic Complete Nutrition Infant Formula

    is organic formula better for babies? Baby's Only formula review

    Baby's Only's classic formula supports your infant's growth with quality, organic ingredients. Babies and parents alike love this formula. Specifically, parents report that it's easy to mix and is a great option for supplemental feeding for breastfed babies.

    Most babies digest the formula easily. In some cases, parents have transitioned to Baby's Only after their baby struggled to digest other brands.

    Baby’s Only A2 Organic Milk Infant Formula

    is organic formula better for babies? Baby's Only Formula review

    A2 proteins are a special kind of casein protein. Some cows produce this kind of protein. Baby's Only includes these A2 proteins in their A2 Organic Milk Infant Formula. These proteins are more similar to the proteins in breast milk.

    A2 proteins are easier for some babies to digest. That said, if your baby struggles with formula, be sure to consult with your pediatrician. Rarely, babies may be sensitive to some formula ingredients.

    Why Should I Choose Organic Baby Formula?

    As you shop for baby formulas, know that all formulas marketed with the United States must meet standards set out by the FDA to ensure they follow nutritional and safety requirements. Any formula that works well for your family is an excellent choice. However, organic baby formulas may offer some advantages. 

    Organic baby formulas are free of harmful pesticides and artificial additives. Many pesticides are harmful for human health. Additionally, organic foods may be more nutritious than foods grown using conventional farming practices.

    Certified organic formulas must meet high standards by the USDA. In the case of Baby's Only, over 95% of the ingredients are certified organic. This standard extends to the cow's milk and lactose, which are organic.

    Additionally, choosing an organic formula helps the planet. If sustainability is important to you, choosing organic products helps reduce water pollution. Also, organic farming is friendlier for pollinators like bees. Overall, research shows that organic farming is great for the environment.

    Although organic formula is an ideal choice for your baby, one possible deterrent is the cost. However, while most organic foods are more expensive, Baby's Only formulas are less expensive than competitors. When compared to other organic formula brands, Baby's Only is the most affordable. Ounce by ounce, Baby's Only is about 48 cents cheaper than the average organic baby formula.

    Who is Baby's Only Formula Best For?

    Baby's Only formula offers formulas for your baby's first year of life and beyond. Baby's Only is the perfect choice for:

    • All babies in their first year of life and beyond
    • Babies with sensitive tummies
    • Breastfed babies
    • Families that want to prioritize organic foods in their diets

    That said, Baby's Only formulas won't be the best choice for every baby. If your child struggles with digesting Baby's Only or other formulas, work with your child's pediatrician to find the right fit.

    Baby's Only FAQs

    Is organic formula better for babies?

    Organic foods in general offer health benefits for people. Organic formulas may also be a better choice for babies. Formulas that are certified organic contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients.

    This means that formula ingredients like sunflower oil and cow's milk are produced using organic farming techniques. Choosing an organic formula means exposing your baby to fewer pesticide residues and other additives.

    What is the best baby formula? Is cheaper really worse?

    Choosing a formula is a unique journey for every baby. Each baby may have sensitivities and preferences for baby formula. The most important thing is to find a formula that your baby likes and tolerates well.

    A more expensive formula isn't always better than budget-friendly options. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates formulas to ensure that they are safe and provide necessary nutrition. Baby's Only offers a high-quality organic formula option that is also affordable.

    What are the healthiest formulas for babies?

    The healthiest formulas for babies feature quality ingredients. A few key points to notice are the protein source, fat source, and carbohydrate source.

    The best formulas have a mix of both whey and casein protein. Also, look for a formula that features healthy fat sources such as sunflower and soybean oil. Avoid formulas containing palm oil, as this may reduce your baby's ability to absorb fats and calcium. Finally, avoid carbohydrate sources such as corn syrup or maltodextrin. Instead, look for lactose.


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    Baby's Only Formula Review: Affordable and Organic

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