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Article: The Top 11 Best Organic Baby Formulas

The Top 11 Best Organic Baby Formulas

The Top 11 Best Organic Baby Formulas

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Choosing the best baby formula for your little one is an important decision. You want the best nutrition for your baby to support their growth and development. The best organic baby formula will meet your family's unique needs and preferences.

After giving birth to my oldest, I remember the nurses offering formula to help feed my ravenous son. I was exhausted and worried that he was so hungry even though he was breastfeeding around the clock. I wished then that I had been able to select the best formula for breastfed babies. In those bleary, but precious first few days, supplementation helped my son stay full and gave me a break.

Everyone's goals and needs for formula are unique. Perhaps, like I did, you need to supplement your breastfed baby. Or maybe, your baby is gassy and needs an easier to digest formula.

Today, there are a myriad of formula options. Each boasts unique ingredients to meet the nutritional and dietary needs of your baby. We'll help you sort through the best organic baby formulas to find the best fit for your baby.

Types of Formula

What types of baby formula are available on the market? If you do a quick search, you'll find many different types of formulas. Ingredient lists reveal formula brands with organic ingredients, soy based formulas, or even goat milk options.

The best formula for you will depend on your needs. You may prefer a unique blend if you breastfeed your baby. Others may need a formula adjusted for lactose intolerance or an easier-to-digest option for their gassy baby. Here are the main types to consider:

  • Cow Milk Formula The majority of formulas use cow's milk as a base. However, it is adjusted to mimic human breastmilk so that it's easier to digest.
  • Soy Formulas Soy milk is a great option for babies unable to digest lactose. Although rare, lactose intolerance can affect babies. If you're concerned, talk to your child's pediatrician.
  • Goat Milk Formula Some formulas use goat milk as a base instead of cow's milk. Nutritionally, these formulas are similar to cow's milk.
  • Organic Baby Formulas Certified organic baby formulas mean that the ingredients come from organically farmed sources. In other words, no prohibited substances were used when producing the milk or plants.
  • Hypoallergenic Formulas Also known as protein hydrolysate formulas, these formulas break down proteins for easier digestion. Babies that can't digest cow, goat, or soy milk may need this type of formula.
  • Specialized Baby Formulas Babies born prematurely or who have special dietary needs may require a specialized baby formula. Talk to your pediatrician if your baby is having trouble feeding. They can help you decide which specialized formula is best for your baby.

When purchasing formula, it's important to check the type and stage. Formulas adjust to your baby's nutritional needs as they grow. So, check the age range of the formula to make sure it includes the protein sources, vitamins, and minerals your little one needs.

Best Organic Baby Formulas

Organic baby formulas can reduce exposure to harmful pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and growth hormones. Going organic gives many parents peace of mind. The FDA strictly regulates all formulas, but going organic can ease your mind about harmful chemicals. Discover the best organic baby formulas below:

1. Best Organic Baby Formula Overall: Bobbie Organic Infant Formula - $26

best baby formulas, best organic baby formulas

This award-winning formula is a favorite among parents and babies. What's in this formula is just as important as what's excluded. Made from grass-fed organic milk, Bobbie's blend is free of corn syrup solids, pesticides, antibiotics, and other harmful ingredients. The formula also includes whey protein, an easy to digest protein found in mature breastmilk.

Bobbie offers a subscription program so that the correct amount of formula arrives on your doorstep every month. Feeding your baby a high-quality organic baby formula has never been easier!

2. Best Budget Organic Baby Formula: Baby's Only® Organic Premium Infant Formula- $19.99

Going organic can be tough on your growing family's budget. Baby's Only formula offers a USDA-certified organic formula at a price point that can't be beat.

Feel confident feeding your baby this organic formula that has no corn syrup, palm oil, or dyes. Major outlets such as Good Housekeeping and The Wirecutter have featured Baby's Only formulas.

Curious? See our full Baby's Only review here. 

3. Best Formula for Gassy Babies: Holle Swiss-based Organic Formula- $26.99

best organic baby formula, best formula for breastfed babies

Does your baby have a sensitive belly? Try this filling formula that absorbs easily and keeps your baby satisfied through the night.

Going above and beyond USDA certification, Holle's organic formula holds a Demeter certification. This certification holds organic farms to high standards and includes close monitoring.

4. Best Formula with Prebiotics and Probiotics: Aussie Bubs Stage 1 Organic Grass Fed - $32.49

best organic baby formula, best formula for breastfed babies

Aussie Bubs protects your little one's belly with prebiotics and probiotics. The formula also features certified organic ingredients that promote your baby's growth. Ideal for infants from birth to six months, this formula is nutritionally balanced.

5. Best Formula for Breastfed Babies: Löwenzahn Organics - $31.49 

best baby formula, best formula for breastfed babies, best formula for gassy babies

Mimicking breastmilk, Löwenzahn Organics supports easy digestion and immune system development. The formula meets strict EU standards and is free of GMOs, antibiotics, chemicals, and preservatives. Parents love that this formula is easy to digest and supports a transition from breastfeeding to formula feeding.

6. Best Clinically Proven Formula: ByHeart Whole Nutrition Infant Formula - $39

best organic baby formula, best formula for gassy babies

ByHeart performed clinical trials to show how similar the formula is to breastmilk. According to the trials, babies experience easier digestion, less spit up, and enhanced nutrient absorption. Additionally, ByHeart makes its formula using grass-fed whole organic milk, the only formula made in the US to do so.

7. Best European Baby Formula: Kendamil European Organic Infant Formula - $33.99

best formula for gassy babies, best organic baby formula

Your baby will enjoy easy digestion and sleep well with Kendamil's formula. Kendamil makes its formula with organic whole milk. Rest assured your baby won't ingest any harmful ingredients. Parents report that babies love the taste of Kendamil's nutritious formula.

8. Best Plant-Based Toddler Formula: Else Plant-Based - 34.99

best toddler formula, best plant-based formula, best organic baby formula

When your baby is a little older, continue to offer great nutrition with Else's Plant-Based formula. If your little one is struggling to gain weight, this plant-based formula can help get them back on track. Powered with healthy proteins from almonds, toddlers will love this tasty formula.

9. Best Baby Formula for Digestion: HiPP Organic Dutch - $46.99

best organic baby formula, best formula for gassy babies

Avoid constipation and encourage good digestion with HiPP's Organic formula. The probiotics support your baby's tummy. Keep in mind that this formula comes in a large, 800g can, making it competitively priced.

Best Goat Milk Formula for Babies

A popular alternative to cow's milk formulas are goat milk formulas. Goat milk formula features a greater amount of A2 casein proteins, making it easier to digest. Here are a few goat milk formulas to try

10. Best Goat Milk Formula: The Little Oak from New Zealand Natural Goat Milk - $49.95

best organic baby formula, best formula for gassy babies 

Straight from New Zealand, this goat milk formula features the perfect blend of proteins. The gentle formula reduces gas and fussiness, making it one of the best formulas for gassy babies. Each can contains 800g, making Little Oak's formula a great deal.

11. Best Goat Milk Formula for Breastfed Babies: Nannycare Complete Formula Infant Goat Milk 1 - $56.99

best formula for gassy babies, best formula for breastfed babies

The Nannycare formula mimics breastmilk well, as no whey protein is added. Instead, the formula contains gentle A2 casein which naturally occurs in goat milk. Nannycare formulas use minimal processing to protect natural nutrients. You won't regret trying this award-winning formula.

 Nannycare's cans are 900g each, meaning the formula is competitively priced.

Choosing a Formula for Your Baby

Choosing a formula for your baby is an important decision. From your budget to your baby's unique needs, there's a lot to consider. The above formulas all meet strict FDA and international standards, meaning you can purchase them with confidence. Consult with your pediatrician regarding formula, especially if your little one has any health concerns.

As a parent, nourishing your child with a high-quality, nutritious formula that supports their growth is essential. We wish you the best as you choose the best formula for your baby.


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Brianna, try for Löwenzahn formula.


Unfortunately Iowenzahn Organics is also not available in the U.S


Unfortunately, Little Oak is not approved by the FDA or currently available in the US except for the toddler drink, even though it is of high quality.


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