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Article: Our Top 3 Best Parenting Books

best parenting books

Our Top 3 Best Parenting Books

At Piccalio, our enthusiasm for baby gear drives us to independently curate our favorite products. If you make a purchase through the links on our site, Piccalio may earn a commission.


We are sharing our top 3 favorite Montessori-inspired parenting books. We highly recommend these best Montessori books for anyone who works with children including caregivers, grandparents, and educators. Read these books to gain a better understanding of childhood development, the Montessori method, and more!

Best Parenting Book #1: The Montessori Toddler

This Montessori book offers a practical and modern perspective on Montessori. Written by Simone Davies, an AMI-trained Montessori teacher and parent, the book guides parents through the toddler years. Davies offers a wealth of experience as a teacher and parent and can help caregivers understand toddler behavior.

Learn from the beautiful examples of Montessori environments around the world and wonderful illustrations. The author tackles all the important toddler subjects like feeding, getting dressed, sleeping, and toileting. Plus, learn how to approach siblings, screen time, clingy stages, sharing, and many other important topics.

We consider this one of the best baby books for new parents thanks to its comprehensiveness.

    Montessori Toddler Book, best parenting book

     Here are some other topics covered in The Montessori Toddler:

    • How to set up a 'yes' space in your home where nothing is off-limits
    • How to encourage curiosity, guide and support your child
    • Montessori activities you can try at home, listed by age and readiness signs
    • How to get others in your household on board
    • Seeing the world through your toddler's eyes
    • How to manage strong emotions, frustrations, and behaviors such as throwing, hitting, and biting

    Overall, this is one of the best Montessori books. Both caregivers with experience in Montessori and those without can benefit from this book. The book is friendly for busy parents who don't have time to read. You can read sections as they become relevant to you or read it cover to cover.

      Best Parenting Book #2: The Montessori Baby

      One of the best baby books for new parents, this book will guide you through the infant stage. Dr. Maria Montessori wrote a lot about early childhood development and how babies grow and learn. This book breaks down Montessori's teachings so that you can have the happiest baby on the block.

        Montessori Baby, best parenting book

        The Montessori Baby offers hundreds of practical ideas for understanding what is happening with your baby. Additionally, the book explores how you can mindfully assist in their learning and development.

        Simone Davies and Junnifa Uzodike, who are both Montessori teachers, wrote the book. The authors are also parents, and so have experienced the newborn stage first-hand. This book provides an overview of Montessori for those unfamiliar with the method. Yet, it also includes many practical activities and strategies.

        Parents love this book because it covers essential parenting topics such as:

        • How to prepare yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually
        • How to set up Montessori spaces in your home
        • How to care for your baby's needs including diapering, bathing, baby wearing, teething, and more
        • Activities that encourage baby's movement and language development at their own pace
        • How to become an observer to understand better what your baby is telling you

        Best Parenting Book #3: Play to Progress

        In Play to Progress, you will learn the profound impact of play. In a world where children don't get enough play and movement, we need to pay extra attention to their sensory needs. Allie Ticktin brilliantly walks readers through how-to's, what to do's, and most importantly 'why to'. 

        The full name of the book is Play to Progress: Lead Your Child to Success Using the Power of Sensory Play. Ticktin is an occupational therapist who explains the eight sensory systems in simple language. Plus, she provides over 90 activities that parents can try. Play to Progress is an eye-opening book to read for parents.

        best parenting book

        Here's what you'll learn in this best parenting book:

        • The power of sensory play and why it is important
        • Eight sensory systems and how children use them
        • Tips and ideas for setting up a play area - that will encourage your child's development
        • Easy and fun activities to encourage movement and develop sensory systems

        How We Picked the Best Parenting Books

        With thousands of parenting books on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are the best. We chose books that help parents build strong, positive relationships with their kids. We also gravitate toward evidence-based practices.

        In our experience, using the Montessori method in parenting can help parents better understand their children. This leads to a closer relationship. Plus, the Montessori method encourages children to become independent and responsible.

        The best parenting book for you depends on your style and family goals. The above books can help you parent in a way that respects your child and builds up your relationship. They can also help you learn to talk so little kids will listen to you.

        Our Favorite Parenting Books

        We hope you enjoy our top 3 favorite parenting books. Do you have another favorite Montessori book or baby book for new parents? We'd love to know your recommendations. Get in touch with us on social media to discuss the parenting books that have influenced you most.


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