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Article: What Is a Kitchen Helper Tower? (and Why You Need One!)

Children on Learning Tower Kitchen Helper

What Is a Kitchen Helper Tower? (and Why You Need One!)

Transform your experience as a parent in the kitchen with a kitchen helper tower! Also known as kitchen tower helpers or learning towers, these amazing kitchen assistants are game-changers. 

With the best kitchen helper tower, you can avoid one-handed cooking with your baby on your hip. Instead, your toddler can see and participate! So, what are kitchen helper towers and why are they so awesome? Read on to learn more! 

What Is a Kitchen Helper Tower?

A kitchen tower helper is a hybrid stool and ladder that offers a stable surface on which toddlers can safely reach kitchen counters. Featuring a secure railing around the waist area, learning towers help prevent falls.

Most importantly, kitchen helper towers bring babies and toddlers up to where the action is happening in the kitchen! That way, instead of grabbing your legs or standing on their tippy-toes to see what’s going on, they can actually participate! 

The best kitchen helper towers are safer than step stools. Plus, they are easy to clean by wiping them down with a damp cloth.

Types of Kitchen Helper Towers

You can choose from many different types of learning towers. Here are a few to consider:

Foldable Learning Tower:

When not in use, you can fold up and store a foldable learning tower. Foldable kitchen helper towers are perfect for small kitchens where you don’t have a lot of space. Try this foldable kitchen tower for a compact kitchen helper tower that’s also strong and stable.

Foldable Learning Tower for Toddlers by Piccalio
Convertible Kitchen Helper Tower:
Get more bang for your buck with a convertible kitchen helper tower that can be more than just a tower. For example, our Mini Chef Convertible Helper Tower conveniently turns into a table. That way, your toddler can sit and eat after cooking!

boy helping in the kitchen on the convertible learning tower helper stool
DIY Kitchen Helper Tower:
If you’re handy with a drill and saw, why not make your own kitchen helper tower? For those of you wondering how to make a learning tower, try these easy-to-follow instructions

Benefits of a Toddler Kitchen Helper Tower

Inspired by the Montessori philosophy, learning towers help toddlers learn in the kitchen. Here are some of the main benefits of toddler towers:

Fine Motor Skills Development:

Kitchen activities help toddlers gain strength in their hands and develop fine motor skills. Some great activities include stirring, spooning, and cutting (with an appropriate and safe knife).

Promotes Independence:

With a kitchen helper tower, toddlers and young children can easily reach counter height. That means they can make their own snacks. Plus, they can reach the kitchen sink. This fosters independence as the child grows.

Children also gain skills such as cutting and stirring that increase their independence. The more children are able to do on their own, the more independent they become!

Math and Science Exposure:

Even when children are small, they can start learning about math and science. When measuring cups of flour, you can practice counting. When mixing ingredients together and cooking, children are exposed to chemistry.

Practical Life Skills:

Renowned educator, Dr. Montessori, believed that children needed to learn life skills that would help them become independent. Plus, she noticed that children actually prefer working with real materials to playing with toys.

Instead of investing in a play kitchen for your toddler, invest in a toddler helper tower so that they can do the real thing! Stirring, mixing, kneading dough, cutting, slicing, pouring, spooning, and washing dishes are all great activities. With the help of a kitchen helper tower, the possibilities are endless.

Plus, an educational tower helps instill responsibility and teaches your child to become a helpful, involved family member! 

Gift Your Toddler a Helper Tower

A learning tower offers a unique gift idea. Perfect for a birthday, holiday, or just because, a learning tower brings more connection and learning into your home. Will you give your child the gift of learning in the kitchen with a kitchen helper tower?

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