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Article: 5 Fun Kids Playroom Ideas to Inspire You

Toddler Kids Montessori Playroom Inspiration, playroom ideas, kids playroom ideas

5 Fun Kids Playroom Ideas to Inspire You

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The picture-perfect kids playroom ideas offer your kids a space where they will play independently for hours on end. Giving kids exercise, intellectual stimulation, and fun is the number one goal.

Yet, what is the perfect kids' playroom in reality? What features, toys, and designs will achieve the goal?

Top Kids Playroom Ideas

Whether you need small playroom ideas, or just some tips to freshen your play space, we have you covered. Here are five fun kids' playroom ideas to help get you inspired to create your own.

Playroom Inspiration 1: Swings and Movement Galore

This playroom design has a little bit of everything. Featuring a large open space for climbing, swinging, running, and sliding, this playroom harnesses the boundless energy of children. 

Playroom Ideas, kids playroom ideas

Yet, it also offers quieter spaces such as the foam pit and a child-sized table for reading, drawing, and putting puzzles together. The adorable child-sized house creates space for imaginative play. Plus, the enormous blackboard wall gives children a canvas as big as their creativity!

Montessori Playroom, playroom inspiration, playroom ideas

This playroom is made complete with a kid-friendly storage unit for wooden toys, art supplies, blocks, and more.

Playroom Inspiration 2: Cozy Comfort

Featuring neutral tones, this comforting playroom is the perfect place for playing. Reflecting nature, the pile of rock-like pillows is fun for building forts or settling in to read a good book. Plenty of climbing and swinging structures are also available, giving kids that vestibular and sensory input they crave.

Montessori Playroom ideas, playroom inspiration, Toddler Playroom

A luminous tent offers a cozy place to snuggle up with a book or pretend to go camping. The expansive free space gives children plenty of room to play with blocks, mini stepping stones, a mini surfer board, balance beams, and more!

Playroom Inspiration 3: Believe in Yourself

This “Believe in Yourself” playroom is full of fun playroom ideas and themes. Featuring several separate environments, this playroom has it all. The ping pong table, TV, and swings provide a great area for family time or playing with friends.

Montessori Toddler Playroom Inspo

A table and chairs make space for drawing and coloring. The loft/treehouse gives kids space for imaginative play and hiding away. Finally, an area featuring a rock wall, climbing ropes, a swing, and stepping stones gives kids plenty of space to exercise.

Playroom Inspiration 4: Bright Color Theme

This cheerful, brightly colored room is the perfect playroom inspiration for those who want to achieve a radiant vibe. Adding splashes of color with the rock knobs and chairs, the playroom design exudes vibrance. 

Montessori Climbing Playroom Ideas, playroom inspiration, kids playroom ideas

Children can build gross motor skills with climbing equipment and swings. Then, when children are in a calmer mood, they can sit amongst the climbing cubes or work at the table. The table in this playroom is notable, as it holds a paper roll. Children will never run out of paper or room for their drawings with this fun feature!

Playroom Inspiration 5: Build a Clubhouse

The main feature in this adorable toddler playroom is a clubhouse. A ladder is built into the wall, giving kids a fun and exclusive hideaway. The rest of the playhouse is a kitchen, which encourages imaginative play. 

Montessori Playroom ideas, kids playroom ideas

In addition, this kids' playroom has a climbing area, foam pit, and mats for tumbling. The table, chairs, and carpeted areas provide space for quieter activities and games or arts and crafts. 

Playroom Climbing For Kids, playroom ideas, playroom inspiration

    Kids Playroom Ideas: Tips for Success

    Playroom ideas are endless. Here are the main elements to consider when planning playroom organization and design:

    Use Floor Space Wisely

    Floor space is a hot commodity in playrooms. As you'll notice in the playroom inspiration above, all of them strategically leave open floor space. Play mats and carpets can also help define spaces.

    Leave as much space on the floor so that your kids have space to run wild! Also, floor space provides room for playing with toys.

    Include Storage Space

    Make it easy to put toys away by including lots of storage bins. You can eliminate a cluttered look by using cupboards or attractive storage units.

    Add storage units that match the toys and objects. For example, you can use smaller drawers for art supplies and large bins for toys and blocks. Choose shelves that showcase books so that children can see the covers and get excited about reading!

    Sometimes, you can even build storage cubbies into the wall! Or, add drawers under a window seat or reading nook.

    With arts and crafts, don't forget to incorporate space for displaying work. That way, your budding artists can grow confident in their skills. Many frames allow for easy switching in and out of art. Also, consider keeping a shelf free for displaying Lego builds, clay sculptures, and more!

    Get Creative with Walls

    Adding some decor on the walls can help enhance your playroom design. An accent wall can help set a theme. For example, add a space mural. Or, go for something abstract.

    Chalkboard paint is another excellent choice. Painting the wall with chalkboard paint creates a large chalkboard where your child can express themself! Perfect for drawing pictures or doing homework, chalkboard paint makes for a fun addition.

    Choose Toys Carefully

    Add toys carefully to your playroom. Consider making fewer toys available at a time. This not only makes it easier to keep on top of clutter, but may help your little one play for longer!

    Choose quality toys that encourage open-ended play. In other words, choose fewer toys with batteries, and more toys that require your child to use their imagination. Blocks, dolls, and active toys like stepping stones, climbers, and balance beams are excellent choices.

    playroom ideas, kids playroom ideas, Montessori toys

    Small Playroom Ideas

    If you have a small playroom, there are still many options. A loft is one small playroom idea that can help you maximize space.

    Under the loft, you can create a cozy playhouse or kitchen. You can turn the upper part of the loft into a cozy reading nook. Plus, the loft adds a climbing element into your playroom.

    Climbing and rock walls can also fit into small spaces if you're strategic. If you think your child would enjoy it, you can add one and then use a play mat or gym mat below the climbing space.

    Small playroom ideas can also work for just a small area of a larger space. What children enjoy most out of playrooms is a sense of ownership. They love a space designed specifically for them.

    For example, why not create a cute cozy space under the stairs? Add cozy seating, a lamp, and some books or stuffed animals.

    Or, use a window eave space or attic. Gabled roofs are no problem for little ones who will enjoy the fun angles. Include a small space for doing crafts, a reading nook by a window, and a Pikler triangle for climbing. A surfer is another great toy that provides lots of sensory input without occupying much space.

    Kids Playroom Ideas: The Sky's the Limit!

    Are you bursting with playroom ideas yet? From exciting climbing areas to cozy nooks and arts and craft centers, each of these playrooms offers a perfect mix of spaces for kids to have fun. Tell us in the comments below...what elements would you include in your dream playroom?

    If these amazing playrooms inspired you, consider working with Smart Playrooms. Smart Playrooms designed each of the kids’ playrooms featured above. Each playroom they create is conducive to healthy, educational fun for kids.

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