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Article: 6 Quick and Easy Playroom Organization Ideas

Montessori Playroom Toddler Bedroom Ideas, playroom organization, playroom organization ideas

6 Quick and Easy Playroom Organization Ideas

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A playroom should be a special place where a child can create, imagine, and play. Decorating a playroom can be incredibly fun - it gives you a chance to embrace your inner child. It can also help with playroom toy organization.

Whether you are starting from scratch or want to give your playroom a refresh, we have the kids playroom organization ideas you need. A new storage solution can help keep toys organized. Attractive playroom decor can help create an attractive play space kids love.

Here are some quick and easy playroom ideas for decor and storage. Discover kids playroom storage tips for managing kids toys, arts and crafts, organization for stuffed animals, and more!

1. Improve Playroom Decor with an Accent Wall

Adding an accent wall by painting it or adding wall decals can be wonderful for a playroom. When picking out paint colors, there are a few considerations. Take the size of the room, the amount of natural and artificial light it receives, and the paint finish into account.

Try using the designer's rule of 60/30/10. That means the walls provide 60 percent of the color, the flooring provides 30 percent, and the accessories 10 percent.

You can easily create a themed decor using wall decals. Mushrooms, flowers, houses, clouds, and letters are just a few options. The idea here is to create a more imaginative space.


Montessori Playroom Wall Decals Toddler Bedroom, playroom organization, playroom organization ideas

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2. Rethink Your Space with Playroom Organization in Mind

See the space through their eyes. Get down to the child's height to see how it looks from their perspective. You may see wires, or other clutter under the shelves, and it may feel overwhelming.

You can use zip ties and other tools to organize wires. Or, tuck them behind playroom storage furniture. More storage for toys in the playroom will also eliminate clutter and clear up floor space.

Keep in mind the age of your kids and any needs, interests, hopes or goals for the new space. Here are some tips for rethinking your space:

  • Rearrange furniture to create a layout that is practical. Also, make sure toys are easily accessible to the child.
  • Open storage such as our Montessori toy shelves and seating should be out of the way. That way, you leave the center of the room free for creative play.
  • Buy multifunctional furniture. For example, storage bins that double as chairs. This creates more space for play and movement. Or, try our stackable toy shelves that you can arrange in various ways.
  • Find pieces of child-sized furniture that the child can manage without help.

3. Create a Cozy Reading Nook 

It is great to include a calming corner for reading or resting. 

You can make it simple with a cozy floor mat, cushions or a beanbag. Another option could be a Teepee. If you already own a Pikler Triangle, you can simply add a blanket on top to cover it and make it extra cozy.

Have a Montessori book shelf or basket nearby for the child to easily see the covers of the books. Placing the reading nook near the window gives lovely light to read by.

playroom ideas, playroom organization, playroom organization ideas

4. Playroom Decor Tips for Artwork

One great way to store your child's artwork is to display it in the playroom! Art is one of the many ways children express themselves. Ask your child if they want to pick out any of their artwork or other art.

Educational prints can enhance a learning space and it can be a fun way to display your child's interests. When visiting museums, your child might pick out a favorite print. Or, hang a poster of an alphabet, periodic table, or different shapes.

5. Playroom Storage Ideas: Less is More

Getting rid of clutter does not mean that the playroom must be sparse. Place plants, artwork, blankets, and cushions at the child's height. Add carpet for extra warmth.

  • Reduce the number of toys, books, and general mess that accumulates over time in a playroom. 
  • Keep out things that the child uses a lot like art supplies. Place other things in storage bins by category. Then, bring them out when your child needs a new challenge. 

6. Playroom Toy Storage Ideas

It’s important to have lots of storage units in the playroom. After playing, kids should be able to organize their toys easily. When thinking about storage space here are a few things to consider:

  • The best playroom storage are bins and open shelves. Use bins, baskets, or toy boxes with no lids. Use a different bin for each type of toy and place them on the shelves.
  • Try not to stack bins or boxes. The idea is that the child has easy access to their toys, but can also help with organizing when finished with play.
  • Rotate toys for creativity and focus.
    Montessori Storage Low Shelf Unit Montessori Playroom, playroom organization, playroom organization ideas

    Organizing Toy Room Ideas: The Sky's the Limit

    Playroom organization is unique to each home and space. As your child grows, your playroom organization will change to include new toys, board games, books, and more. What is your number one playroom organization tip? Get in touch on social media and let us know!

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